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20oz Straight Sports Sublimation Tumbler Wholesale | 25 Pack

20oz Straight Sports Sublimation Tumbler Wholesale | 25 Pack

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Each tumbler within the 25-pack boasts double-wall insulation, preserving your drink's ideal temperature. Savor the warmth of a coffee or the coolness of a drink – these tumblers deliver on both fronts. BPA-free, equipped with sealing lids and plastic straws, they ensure safe sipping.

Package Includes:

25 * 20oz Sublimation Tumbler Sports Water Bottles
25 * Sports Lids
25 * Plastic Straws


    For optimal sublimation results, we recommend setting your oven to 320℉ for 6 minutes. If you prefer using a tumbler press, a temperature of 365℉ and 45 seconds will provide excellent outcomes. This is the perfect tumbler for the FASTSUB Tumbler Press Machine. Used together, you have the perfect combination to produce high-quality products with absolute assurance.

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