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40 oz Sublimation Tumbler With Handle | 20 Pack

40 oz Sublimation Tumbler With Handle | 20 Pack

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4* 40oz Sublimation Tumbler with White Handle
440oz Sublimation Tumbler with Pink Handle
440oz Sublimation Tumbler with Black Handle
440oz Sublimation Tumbler with Blue Handle
440oz Sublimation Tumbler with Cyan Handle
20* Sealing Lid
20* Paper box
20* Plastic Straw 
20* Metal Straw


For the best results during the sublimation process, we recommend setting your oven to 320℉ for 6 minutes. Alternatively, if you're using a tumbler press, a temperature of 365℉ and 45 seconds will yield excellent results. This is the perfect tumbler for the FASTSUB Tumbler Press Machine. Used together, you have the perfect combination to produce high-quality products with absolute assurance.

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