Mastering the Art of Sublimated Tumbler Bliss | A Step-by-Step Guide


Elevating a plain tumbler into a personalized masterpiece through sublimation is an artistic journey worth undertaking. Among the methods available, utilizing a tumbler heat press stands out for its ability to deliver vibrant and long-lasting designs on sublimation tumblers. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of sublimating a tumbler using a heat press, ensuring that your creations shine with distinction and resilience.

Advantages of Using a Tumbler Heat Press:

When it comes to sublimating tumblers, the use of a dedicated tumbler heat press undoubtedly trumps alternatives like ovens. Here's why:

  • Optimal Pressure: A tumbler heat press provides the necessary pressure to ensure a flawless and even transfer of the sublimation ink, resulting in professional-quality designs.
  • Uniform Heat Distribution: Unlike ovens that rely on a single heat source, a heat press guarantees uniform and consistent heat application across the tumbler's surface, minimizing the risk of uneven outcomes.

Materials You'll Need:

To embark on this tumbler sublimation journey, you'll require an already adorned sublimation tumblers with your chosen design and a reliable tumbler heat press.

Sublimated Tumbler

Step-by-Step Sublimation Process with a Heat Press:

Adjusting Pressure

Begin by adjusting the pressure on the heat press. It's crucial to place the sublimation tumbler precisely in the center of the heat press platen. This ensures optimal and even pressure distribution during the sublimation process. Ensure the coaster fully envelops the sublimation tumbler when viewed from the side. You can also apply a bit more pressure for a secure fit.

Sublimated Tumbler

Setting Temperature and Time

The next crucial step is to set the temperature to 365°F and the timer to 45 seconds. Once the heat press reaches the desired temperature, position the sublimation tumbler precisely in the center of the coaster and initiate the sublimation process.

Repeating the Sublimation

Most tumbler heat press leave a slight gap when the sublimation tumblers is enveloped. In this case, it's essential to rotate the tumbler 180 degrees after the initial 45 seconds of pressing. This ensures comprehensive coverage and uniform design transfer. Repeat the 45-second sublimation process to achieve a vibrant and flawless outcome.

Sublimated Tumbler

Removing Sublimation Paper

Once the previous steps are completed, carefully remove the sublimation tumbler from the heat press. While the sublimation paper is still warm, gently peel it away from the surface. It's advisable to remove the paper while it's warm rather than waiting for it to cool. Some seasoned professionals even suggest cooling the tumbler by rinsing it with water after paper removal. Throughout the entire process, ensure you wear specialized high-temperature gloves to prevent any risk of burns.


Sublimating a tumbler with a tumbler heat press is a rewarding endeavor that allows your creativity to shine. The utilization of a tumbler heat press ensures impeccable results, thanks to its optimal pressure and uniform heat distribution. By following these comprehensive steps, your personalized sublimation tumbler creations will undoubtedly stand out as enduring works of art.

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